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Mišo brings fresh information from the world of fishing to our team. In addition to his beloved home river Belá, his waters are internet and development of social networking. There is no hot fishing news he would not catch, a video he would not see or a fish he would not know. On our expeditions, he fulfills the model role, because he has a great taste for fishing clothing or gear, and he is always ready to show off the perfect cast for the camera lens. Among his weaknesses is the occasional losing of keys in the locked car at the most inappropriate time, and the frequent urge to visit the toilet just after he dress up the waders.


Flipchart guy

Ďuri is a young guy who is interested in nature, rivers and travel, and he has a strict catch and release religion, like our whole team. During the preparation of the expeditions, he is the technical and mental support of the whole team. His handicap is the inappropriate consumption of fishing rods, the loss of fishing gear, and loss of large fish in critical situations. These shortcomings are replaced by his friendliness and patience, thanks to which he is mostly lucky to catch nice fish. He is interested in tying up new fly-fishing patterns, using new materials and techniques.

Uncle Ludo


On one nice day when Ludo was walking with a dog around his favorite river Belá, he thought, “Let’s go to Mongolia for fishing.” And for a year later we went for it, these are the beginnings of our Catch me fishing group, without his idea you would not read these lines now. Otherwise, Ludo is the shark of our group when he stuck in something, so he will not allow his jaws until he has reached the target. It does not matter if it is an organization of expedition, fish protection or all-day casting in winter and rain in order to catch the dream fish. As a self-taught translator, she focuses mainly on Russian and Mongolian language, and often uses vodka as a helping tool with local natives.


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