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We are a group of Slovak fishermen who realize their children’s dreams, relax and spend every free time with fishing. We like the philosophy of “catch and release”, the art of flyfishing, the production of our own tied flies, and the ecologic ways of catching fish. From the small streams of Slovakia to the largest rivers of the world, everywhere we try to find adventures associated with catching fish on artificial flies. Our team is constantly growing and changing, but the idea remains the same. Protect and travel for not common and extremely exotic species of fish. We are looking for the challenges and adventures, we make movies that make everyone looking for a moment to become a member of our fishing family.


To enjoy catching large fish, not only in remote parts of the world but also in our native Slovakia, we support the return of the native fish species to our rivers. We feel that the protection and support of our rivers, fish and the environment is beginning to gain much more weight than fishing itself. Read how we protect our native species in Slovakia.


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