Fish Boxes

The whole world is developing at a rapid speed, and fishing is evolving along with it. Where in past it was enough to soak the hook in the water and the fish jumped on it like crazy, there is problem to catch the fish even for the most experienced fishermen now. It is unthinkable to just catch fish without encouraging their life cycles and protecting their environment.

Not only for these reasons, we support the activity of fishermen in Slovakia, which are interesting in the “planting” of the native species of fish, in the small tributaries of our rivers. In order to increase the chance of survival in hard conditions, we use the so-called Vibert Box, which serves as protection during the incubation period. We use the boxes which we distribute to the creek and periodically clean and check from December to March each year.

Small fish that are hatched in our creeks can get natural genes and the behavior of wild fish since birth. These habits are very valuable for them later in life. Mostly in case of its reproduction, food hunting or protection from the predators.

Everybody in the team feels obliged to inform fishermen and the public about this issue, so in our view this activity is in many cases much more important than the fishing itself, which means for us only the collection of deserved fruit after years and days of hard work.

If you are interested in details of this activity, do not hesitate to contact us.

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