Expedition Costa Rica

A fishing trip to Costa Rica is one of the most amazing experiences a fisherman can have in his life. This time the goal of our expedition was to catch tarpon – one of the top most aggressive fish in the world, on the fly. At the same time, we wanted to enjoy the beauty of this Costa Rica, and I can say that we were not disappointed.

The first experience that surprised us was the beauty and diversity of nature. Costa Rica has a diversity of animal and plant life that I have never seen before. Everywhere was green and around us were animals that we had never seen before. Every morning we woke up feeling like we were in the middle of a documentary film.

Another very positive experience was the exotic side of the country and its culture. Costa Rica is full of colors, smells and tastes that will not leave you indifferent. Visiting the local national parks was an amazing experience where we saw mountains, volcanoes, jungles, beaches and tasted the best fresh fruits and vegetables in the world. Visiting the tree house where we could learn about the natural heritage was the icing on the cake and an unforgettable experience.

Well, of course, the trip to Costa Rica was mainly about fish for us. And the fish are huge there. We fished traditionally with flies and each of us was completely engrossed in the hunt. The tarpon is a beautiful fish and when we first saw it we were amazed by its size and strength. We released the fish back into the river because we want the next generations of fishermen to experience such wonderful experiences.

Our fishing trip to Costa Rica was a real adventure and definitely one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. Nature, culture and fish brought us unique experiences and excellent memories. If you are looking for something that will take you away from your everyday life and bring you closer to nature, I recommend that you go on a (not only) fishing trip to this country.

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