We had been dreaming about this expedition for a long time, but for some unclear reason, we kept it still. The north of Sweden is not only about wild nature and untouched rivers, but especially large fish. This is a combination that can not be resisted by any lover of fishing, do not you think? Our goal is to catch the Atlantic Salmon and explore the most northerly part of Sweden-Lapland. The journey from Slovakia to the north took us 2 days, with the unconventional travel choice of a RV-caravan. I do not know who invented it, but it was certainly a good idea, because in Sweden it is allowed camping almost everywhere and having a mobile home on the wheels after a day of fishing in cold rivers is excellent choice. The expedition lasted for 3 weeks while we chase salmon, brown trout, pikes, and we were walking along beautiful northern rivers and lakes. With unntraditional partners Rišo, Kurt and Zdeno, we have experienced an unforgottable adventure that will be remembered in our minds for a long time, and will certainly force us to return to these places in the future. In our film you will see if we managed to catch salmon and how we managed our way through wild Sweden. More in our new Silver Shadow movie.

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